Insurance 360: Customer, risk and operations data

Risk management, client retention, and business acceleration through operational efficiency are the three most pressing issues facing the insurance sector - and are actually related to the same challenge: no complete view of the truth exists today.

Insurance companies have data widely spread across silos (CRMs, policy & claim management systems, billing systems, EDM, Web, social). So designing an effective data management strategy becomes a real challenge.

Leaders in the insurance industry are adopting a new approach to help them deal with these challenges - they are implementing an operational data hub providing specialised complete views based on consistent, relevant, accurate and trustworthy data - the golden record.

In this whitepaper, we describe why you need a 360° view across your customer and risk data, identify approaches to improving operational efficiency, outline the advantages of implementing a data-centric operational data hub architecture, and provide a practical example of a successful business case within a leading insurance provider.