How can insurers and brokers help ICT clients tackle heightened risks?

Across Asia-Pacific there is an increasingly complex ecosystem of start-ups, governments, SMEs and large multinational companies using and developing an array of valuable ICT software applications. Driven by a combination of a growing middle class, rising levels of urbanisation, technological innovation and government support for the digital economy, the ICT industry is enjoying double-digit annual growth in many countries in Asia-Pacific.

However, the rapid pace of technological development in Asia-Pacific is bringing with it increasing risks for ICT companies operating in the region. Both individuals and businesses face significant potential legal liabilities if a third party suffers a financial loss after receiving services or products from them, or relying on their advice, with claims often running into millions of US dollars.

This whitepaper sheds light on this buoyant sector and highlights how brokers can help ICT clients tackle heightened risks, whilst avoiding the perils of underinsurance.

Topics covered:
• Opportunities for growth.
• Emerging hazards facing ICT companies.
• The broker perspective.
• Why ICT insurance is essential.
• Risk management checklist for your ICT health check.
• ICT trends in insurance.