Future proofing broking: The views of the next and current generation of brokers

As an attendee said at one of the events that preceded this whitepaper: “We no longer need to be just good at insurance broking, we need to be technology and marketing specialists - our next recruit should be an innovation director.”

The word most often used to describe brokers is ‘resilience’ - but this is becoming outdated, as being able to stand firm in a fast moving market is not enough. Brokers need to make sure their businesses are forward looking, offer relevant products and are able to deal with the changing landscape and uncertainty. They need to attract talented staff who want to stay in broking and be adept at developing a strong brand.

Insurance Age and Zurich held two roundtables on the topic of ‘future proofing’ broking, the first attended by a group of young ‘rising stars’ and the second by senior brokers, ‘the current generation’.

Based on input from the two broking groups, this whitepaper provides some clear-cut guidance as to how the broking industry can flourish into the future.

Topics covered:
• Why future proofing matters.
• What makes a successful broker – whether established or in its infancy?
• Recognising and retaining new talent.
• Covering emerging risks.
• Ready for change.