The automation of personal motor claims and policy management: Balancing speed & service

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Digital insurance - a term that refers to the technologies, applications, and platforms insurers use to sell and manage their products - is largely becoming the status quo in our industry. This is abundantly clear in the personal motor insurance vertical, where customers increasingly expect to interact with a mobile app more than a real person to get their policy, pay their bills, or even file their claims.

While the convenience of motor insurance tech and automation is crucial, carriers are also finding they must strike a balance between speed and service. People still need to feel valued, and the personal touch of a customer service rep can improve satisfaction during a customer’s most critical time of need.

Thankfully, there are many options on the market today that provide the advanced capabilities required for insurance automation, as well as the care and consideration only provided by a personalised, human experience.

This blog provides a guide to personal motor automation that offers the best of both worlds.

Topics covered include:
• What does personal motor insurance automation entail?
• The benefits of automation for personal motor insurance.
• Challenges insurers face with automation.