An insurance buyer's guide to the US for UK companies

As more and more companies seek a global footprint, a large number of UK companies are starting to export products to or set up operations in the US. 32 per cent of FTSE350 companies now buy insurance in the US, showing the scale of interest in the world’s largest economy.

However, gaining a global footprint brings complexity. Whether companies have operated in the US for decades or are making their first foray into the US market, they must ensure that they comply with evolving insurance and tax regulations, while protecting their balance sheets from their additional US exposures.

Making sure that your US operations are covered requires in-depth knowledge of the US market and its idiosyncrasies. Designed for insurance buyers, this report looks at the top four risks that UK companies face when buying insurance in the US – and how to overcome them.

Topics covered:
• A litigious society.
• Unfamiliar insurance regulation and practices.
• Comparing key UK coverages with US equivalents.
• Significant natural catastrophe exposures.
• Top ten tips for arranging cover for your US operations.