How managed digital business service can assist in transforming the insurance of the future

As a result of digitalisation, insurers are compelled to think radically about the way they assess risks, innovate products, manage claims, and, most importantly, manage customer expectations. This challenge gets further complicated with geopolitical, environmental, regulatory, and other constraints on the insurance industry.

Despite all these external forces in play, there is still a great optimism that the market will only grow, but how are companies in the insurance industry going to achieve sustainable growth?

The challenge is complex, and will drive incumbent insurers to examine the external and internal forces affecting the industry.

This whitepaper sheds light on the factors shaping the insurance ecosystem of the future and how incumbent insurers can leverage a managed digital business service to achieve a competitive advantage and long term growth, whilst also becoming more customer centric.

Topics covered:
• Technology – goal or means.
• Changing roles of service providers.
• Transforming global business services to digital business services.
• Seven benefits of using the services of a world-class digital GBS player.