Home insurance: Application acceleration - Prefill and automation

On average, home insurance providers ask their customers over 50 questions as they go through the process of applying for cover, including some questions that are difficult to answer on the spot. Clearly, if it were possible to prefill some of the answers to these questions, drawing on information about the property to be insured and about the consumer themselves, this would speed up the process significantly. It would also minimise the chances of homeowners making mistakes or omitting key information, thus reducing opportunities for fraud and increasing the accuracy of policy pricing.

But with use of personal data currently a much-debated subject, how do consumers feel about their data being used by insurance providers for this purpose? In an attempt to gain a clearer picture of consumer attitudes towards use of specific types of information to enable data prefill, LexisNexis Risk Solutions commissioned a survey of 1,500 UK homeowners who had owned their current residence for two or more years.

We also commissioned a survey of home insurance providers asking for their views on use of prefill and contributory databases.

Download this report to find out more about the research findings.