Enabling the four stages of Covid-19 recovery with automation

The insurance industry is experiencing seismic shifts in day-to-day operations stemming from this invisible yet intensely disruptive contagion Covid-19, but early signs of longer-term trends are also starting to emerge. Human health/safety and operational resilience are becoming the top two drivers of digital transformation, as the pandemic has redirected our focus to the base of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Automation will play a beneficial role in what is considered the “Future of Work”, while also accelerating a direct and near term recovery impact in key process areas.

Watch this webinar for insights on:
• EXL's four stages of Covid-19 response: Secure, recover, plan, and shift.
• Designs for the future: Digital operations and virtual workforce.
• Hyper-automation: Cognitive capabilities and digital solutions.
• Product demos: Digital intake (EXL) and process mining (UiPath).