Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Due to the number of manual processes found within a typical financial services company, it is not surprising to hear that this sector is one of the leaders in the use of automation technologies.

Rather than being something for employees to fear, many experts are quick to reassure that automation will instead have a positive influence for our workforce, with many of us interacting with automation on a daily basis along with our colleagues.

Automation using RPA is typically being used for back office tasks which follow a strict process and do not require any understanding of the process being automated. This type of activity is commonly seen by humans as boring and repetitive. The process of automating this type of process is often referred to as ‘taking the robot out of the human'.

This feature highlights how organisations are already making use of RPA and AI to improve performance, as well as the potential benefits for insurers and brokers.

Topics covered:
• What are the advantages of RPA?
• Impact on workforce.
• RPA and beyond.
• Robots and brokers.
• How brokers can combine big data and AI to better serve customers.