Webinar: Integrating IoT [Internet of Things] into a digital transformation programme

The Internet of Things [IoT] continues to attract attention from those working in the insurance market. But whilst insurers understand the potential benefits of this increased connectivity, many questions remain as to how to successfully integrate the technology into the wider insurance eco system and how the data can be used to tailor products and services for policyholders.

With this in mind Post in association with SAS recently hosted an interactive webinar where an expert panel discussed a number of key issues relating to IoT.

Topics covered:
• Where should insurers look to start their IoT journey?
• How much of a priority should IoT be in terms of an insurer’s wider digital transformation programmes?
• How can the data accrued through IoT be used to inform underwriting decisions?
• Is the insurance sector ready for the culture shift to risk prevention and risk management that will likely be facilitated by greater use of IoT?
• How might insurance products evolve and what innovation can be expected in a greater connected world?
• What partners should insurers look to work with to get the best out of IoT?
• What might this collaboration look like and how easy will it be to adapt the traditional insurance eco system to make it successful?
• What can insurers learn from other industries in terms of IoT success?