The power of integrated content and process management for insurers in the digital era

Insurers live and die by information. The product (the insurance policy) is information based. Insurers use data on perils and losses that have been collected for decades. Increasingly, insurers are also collecting information in real time from connected vehicles, homes, machines, wearable devices, and more. A great deal of insurance information is stored as structured data in traditional databases. However, just as much, if not more unstructured data is stored in content repositories. These repositories contain items such as images of policy documents, signed illustrations, bills, medical records, and more.

This information supports internal operations and customer transactions, as well as financial and regulatory reporting. Hence, insurers must carefully manage all of this information, regardless of type or format. To do so effectively, insurers must have modern systems that are able to capture and manage both structured and unstructured information in a way that optimises operational costs, presents accurate and timely information to customers, and provides regulators and investors with the information they need to make wise decisions.

This whitepaper highlights the power of integrated content and process management for insurers seeking a competitive advantage in the digital era.