Webinar: Risk mitigation and claims handling within the mid-market real estate sector

How can brokers and insurers better serve the needs of real estate clients? Produced by Post in association with Chubb, this recent webinar focused specifically on how insurers can work with brokers to better manage the risks and handle claims when they occur to the satisfaction of the client.

In this webinar you will learn from our expert panel:
• How to combat underinsurance at the underwriting stage.
• What clauses to look out for that might cause a client distress in the event of a claim.
• Why it is key to offer full reinstatement in the event of a total loss.
• The importance of risk engineers.
• The challenges of working with clients that have international and complex programmes, and their evolving exposures.
• What brokers look for from a real estate claims handling team.
• The help insurers can give so that brokers can offer a cradle-to-grave service to real estate customers.