Maintaining our mental health

Most people already understand that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic reaches far beyond just the physical health of those who may have been infected with the virus.

The mental health of the nation, indeed the world, has rarely been exposed to such unique and widespread stresses, including concerns about the virus itself, the pressures of mass isolation and the inevitable financial worries for those whose work may be in jeopardy.

There are many methods and resources being promoted to help people cope with the psychological onslaught that we’re all facing, from online tools to mindfulness apps. What suits different people will depend on their individual needs, situation and personality, but one-to-one counselling can be extremely helpful for some.

All ARAG business policyholders have access to our confidential counselling helpline. Qualified counsellors are available, over the telephone, to talk through specific issues and help policyholders to cope with their feelings about what are incredibly stressful issues for us all.

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