The future of work: New perspectives on disruption & transformation

The future of work isn’t just a far-off thought – it’s here. Years of global economic and political upheaval have already changed the way we live and work.

The global financial crisis of 2008 paved the way for sharing and gig economies. Today, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced all types of organisations to overhaul their day-today operations with little notice or preparation and technology has played a key role in facilitating this change.

This report is a follow-up to our 2017 study. Just three years on, it’s clear the way organisations function and ask their people to work has changed even faster than we anticipated. Many organisations have the same long-term goals today as they did three years ago – but with a new perspective on the future of work, influenced by changes in our society and culture, as well as advances in technology.

Based on feedback from over 3,000 senior business leaders, this report focuses on what’s next for the future of work and how organisations are adapting.

Topics covered:
• What’s changing about the way we work.
• How Covid-19 shocked the system.
• From disruption to transformation.
• Why collaboration matters more than ever.