Safety first: The importance of engineering inspection and maintenance

Occasionally a dramatic news headline may grab our attention: “Coffee boiler explodes” or “Brake failure sends lift plummeting”, for example. Such incidents, although thankfully rare, temporarily remind us that, when equipment fails, the consequences can be severe.

As businesses come under ever-increasing pressure to evaluate the value of their spend, it might be tempting to look to cut costs in the area of inspection and maintenance. This is not only a false economy, but also a risky strategy, with potentially devastating consequences.

In this article, Glyn Amphlett, Chief Engineer, Allianz Engineering Construction & Power, focuses on why it’s crucial for employers to both maintain and inspect plant regularly, whilst ensuring robust risk management procedures are in place.

Topics covered include:
• Potential consequences of failing to carry out both inspection and maintenance activities.
• What equipment needs to be inspected?
• How do engineer surveyors inspect plant and equipment?
• What action can employers take?