Ready and responsive: Strengthen your cyber security shield

Your ability to communicate with customers and manage their needs is central to running your business. So what would happen if you suddenly could not access customer data you use to conduct day-to-day business functions? How would you operate if millions of pieces of that data were stolen and held for ransom?

Cybercrime is making hypothetical situations like these into increasingly common, costly realities for companies. Just under half of all businesses in the UK experienced at least one cyber security breach or attack, according to the UK government’s 2017 Cyber Security Breaches Survey.

This report sheds light on the nature of cyber threats in 2018 and how businesses can strengthen their cyber security shield.

Topics covered:
• Why GDPR makes a response plan critical.
• Is your cyber insurance policy fit for purpose?
• People, passwords, policies and practice.
• Enhancing your organisation’s cyber security.