Required immunity: Can I force employees to have the Covid-19 vaccine?

It’s hard to imagine a word cloud for 2020 without the word “vaccine” in it, and 2021 is proving to be little different.

From daily updates on the development, testing and regulatory approval of the various vaccines, last year, bulletins now tell us how many people have received their first and second doses, here and abroad, and when each of us will be invited to step up for our own jabs.

One issue around which there is still some doubt, however, is the relationship between vaccination and employment.

As well as the important question of which professions should be prioritised for vaccination along with those most vulnerable to the virus, many people are asking whether employers can require employees to be vaccinated before returning to work, and potentially dismiss them, if they refuse.

In this content, Stephen Moore, a partner and the head of employment at law firm Ashfords shares his thoughts.