Driver Risk Management whitepaper report: Are you looking the other way when it comes to DRM?

As an insurance broker your advice can have a huge impact on a company's bottom line. Your unique perspective on how a business operates, how it's viewed from the outside-in and how continued investment can make measurable savings means you should be a highly valued partner and never just an accepted necessity.

In May 2012, the Institute of Advanced Motorists conducted a survey to investigate the attitudes of businesses towards risk exposure of their corporate drivers. All participants were responsible for managing company drivers and provided some surprising insight into their attitudes, existing mitigations and most serious risk exposures. Worryingly the survey identified just how little attention is paid to Driver Risk Management (DRM) and how urgent it is to inform businesses of the risks they are exposing themselves to.

Some of the headline figures include:

- 25% of respondents either don't have any DRM in place, or mistakenly thought they were excluded from the requirement to have any.

- Almost 90% don't include owner-drivers (also known as grey fleet) in their driver policy communications.

- Less than 10% actually offer any post-incident training. That's more than 90% of companies not addressing the issue which caused the incident in the first place.

- Most shockingly of all, 20% of businesses have drivers who have been in an accident in the last year.

Download this whitepaper for further analysis.