The alarm national performance model for risk management in the public services

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What does good risk management look like in a public service organisation? The Alarm National Performance Model for Risk Management in the Public Services has been designed to answer that key question. Using the experience and expertise of risk managers, risk consultants and other experts, this performance model maps out risk management maturity, clearly and concisely. A detailed and comprehensive set of questions have been designed to test current performance against the Assessment Framework. This self-assessment questionnaire has been designed by Alarm’s Benchmarking Special Interest Group and forms the basis of Alarm’s Benchmarking Programme, due to launch in 2010. This document provides an overview of the key areas of the Alarm National Performance Model and Assessment Framework. The comprehensive National Performance Model: • Measures current performance against a recognised achievement level • Provides the basis for clear performance indicators • Acts as a catalyst for improved performance within the organisation • Informs assurance in corporate governance terms • Demonstrates current maturity in terms of - External inspection expectations - National and international standards • Allows for comparison with other organisations and learning from best practice through systematic benchmarking.