What will finally start the electric vehicle revolution?

In 2020, according to EV-Volumes.com, the combined yearly sales of battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids passed three million worldwide for the first time, with China leading on 1.4million sales.

The UK was 5th with a total of 181,000 electric vehicle sales, now accounting for 11.1% of all new vehicle registrations.

With the government’s 2030 deadline to ban the sale of all petrol and diesel vehicles approaching fast, as a vehicle rental company dedicated to supporting the government’s low emission drive, AX wanted to find out when people will make the bold decision to go electric.

Based on input from almost 2,200 UK drivers, this whitepaper sheds light on current attitudes towards electric vehicles and five main changes required by government, manufacturers, the media and supporting industries to speed up electric vehicle adoption.

Topics covered:
• How many people already own or drive an electric vehicle?
• What are the perceived advantages of driving an electric vehicle?
• What are the perceived disadvantages of driving an electric vehicle?
• What are the apparent misconceptions of driving an electric vehicle?
• How does the demand for electric vehicles impact the UK car rental market?
• What needs to change to ignite the electric revolution?