How to prepare your workforce for automation

Today, as the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and the digital workforce have captured the imagination of business leaders everywhere, another organisational change is on the horizon.

As adoption grows at breakneck speed and companies hurtle towards the future of work, thoughts frequently become fixated on the operational and technological benefits, overshadowing an equally essential element to automation — the people.

Indeed, an organisation’s success with automation fundamentally relies upon the ability to balance the needs of their human workforce with the operational benefits of a digital workforce. But, it’s not just a case of addressing those who are directly affected by automation - it’s also important for executives to think carefully about how their teams are structured and prepare their employees for automation at scale.

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• What to expect from automation.
• How to begin to change your organisation’s culture.
• How to create new learning and development plans for your workforce, so you can confidently power up your automation program.