Rationalising legacy technologies to unlock the full potential of your data

The burden of legacy technologies is not a new issue for the insurance industry. But the need to reduce dependency on the likes of old mainframes and AS/400 systems has never been more urgent as data becomes a greater currency on which better business decisions can be made.

With this in mind, Insurance Post in association with MarkLogic recently hosted an interactive webinar where an expert panel addressed this issue head on.

Topics covered:
• Why has it never been more imperative for insurers to address their legacy estates?
• How can insurers transfer data as smoothly as possible from legacy platforms to more fit for purpose platforms?
• What options exist for insurers looking to reduce their expenditure on outdated technologies?
• What are the most notable benefits for insurers in becoming less dependent on legacy technology both internally and externally with customers?
• Who should be driving the business case for achieving this; and how long can technology departments best argue their case for change?
• Do entrenched silos and long held processes/practices act as a possible obstacle to change? How can these be addressed?