Orchestrating AI

Organisations are increasingly relying on Digital Intelligence to achieve breakthrough business outcomes from digital transformation. Founded upon the combination of domain and data, Digital Intelligence requires the tight orchestration of people and technology. Artificial Intelligence is an area of digital attracting significant interest from across our client community. It has the potential to reshape the future of work, but executives are concerned about whether AI could make people obsolete. Companies are examining how to deploy AI but few have scaled its deployment.

To better understand why, we partnered with Harvard Business Review Analytics Services to look at AI across the business spectrum. Our study shows new insight about where companies are applying AI, how far along they are in their journeys, and whether best practices are emerging among AI leaders.

This document, Orchestrating AI, is the first look at our study data. It also showcases recent articles from EXL leadership and examples of how we are leveraging AI in our solutions to deliver outcomes for our clients.

Topics covered:
• Survey results.
• AI thought leadership.
• AI solutions.
• Demographics.