Mind the gap: The changing landscape of the London insurance market

The insurance sector as a whole is under pressure to evolve; changing business and technology requirements must be addressed. This rate of change is rapid, and as with anything, inevitably, we have leaders and followers. Where London sits within this is a matter up for debate - and one we wanted to explore further with those closest to it, those working within the heart of the market.

Xuber invited figures from across the industry to attend a breakfast roundtable in order to get to the crux of the debate; how can technology be harnessed to maintain London's position as a leader in the global commercial insurance market?

Areas of discussion included:
• Big Data - How can the London market maximise the value of the data at its fingertips?
• Who Drives Change? - Is change driven by the business or IT function?
• Global vs. Local? - How can the local market keep up with global competition?