The future of insurance

“Challenge to change” is a three-part whitepaper series that explores the future growth drivers of the global Insurance industry. The papers, entitled “Embracing change,” “The impact of technology” and “The future of insurance,” look at the economy, regulatory landscape, technological innovation, business process, workforce and talent issues, and many other areas. They examine the drivers, opportunities and challenges of an incredibly rich and evolving sector. The “Challenge to change” series is for multiple insurance businesses - from life to property and casualty, large commercial to long term care - across multiple delivery channels and operations types. It is designed to be an important discussion tool to facilitate strategic thinking about how to create new business opportunities and respond to challenges positively.

This paper looks at “The future of insurance”. Leading experts are making compelling arguments that insurance needs to change. While the challenge to change is significant, the benefits of doing so are growing in an increasingly global industry.