A guide to intelligent automation for the insurance back office

For insurance companies, the most compelling results from intelligent automation tend to come from business functions on the coal face - those that directly impact the customer and the bottom line. However, there is complex connective tissue between every function in an insurance business, from policy handling to IT and HR, often supported by a diverse network of legacy systems.

This means that when you are thinking about where best to implement automation in your organisation and setting out your roadmap, it’s critical to look at your business as a whole - and the core of your business is the back office.

While your support functions may not set the world alight with innovation, implementing automation here generates a fast return on investment and starts building the connectivity between teams and functions that breaks down silos and drives transformation.

This ebook provides a guide on how to identify the functions and processes where automation can make an immediate impact in the back office, and how to engage your people with a new approach to work.

Topics covered:
• Why is the back office a good place to start out with automation?
• The five characteristics of ideal back-office automation candidates.
• Which back office tasks are great candidates for automation?
• Benefits of applying automation to back-office processes.