Has social distancing killed off traditional insurance call centres?

Contact centres have been an integral part of the insurance claims journey for decades and large collections of telephony-focused claims handlers working in close proximity have been a common fixture throughout the UK. However, the onset of Covid-19 meant that most customer contact from mid-March was handled remotely rather than in an office.

The question is now that the lockdown is being eased and life is returning to a (new) normality, should insurers go back to how they operated pre-Coronavirus, or have the last few months taught us that the technology exists to facilitate claims journeys that begin and end - literally - at home?

In this webinar, brought to you by Insurance Post in association with SAS, an expert panel discuss the lasting impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on claims handling and whether traditional contact centres will cease to exist in a post-Covid insurance world.

Topics covered include:
• Are the skillsets needed by claims handlers working remotely different to those employed in traditional contact centres?
• Are customers likely to experience a better claims journey in an insurance world with less large contact centres?
• What operational headaches did insurance company claims departments experience in terms of getting remote contact up and running during the initial days of lockdown?
• How has technology acted as an enabler in helping reimagine claims processes/procedures and decision making during lockdown?
• How reliant were insurers on large contact centres pre-lockdown and to what extent do you think Covid-19 might ween them of that dependency?
• What are the drawbacks and benefits from moving away from large contact centres?