Market magazine: Spring 2013

In the latest issue of Market magazine, we look at one of the rapidly growing, emerging markets: Mexico. Already the largest contributor to Lloyd's Latin America business, this thriving economy nevertheless remains underinsured and promises plenty of potential for growth across diverse sectors (page 10 of Market).

The reasons these emerging markets are so exciting and so important to the Lloyd's market is touched on by Vincent Vandendael - Lloyd's new Director of International Market in our interview with him on page 16.

With the horsemeat scandal at the top of minds for Supermarkets and consumers alike, our insight into global supply chains and the gap that exists for insurers to potentially provide more cover in this arena, shows how relevant the current scandal is for the insurance industry.

Also, in this issue you'll find insight on catastrophic flood events and how this is forcing insurers to innovate cheaper, faster and more refined predictive models and the views of a range of Corporate risk managers on the implications of changing attitudes to risk at board level, and what insurers and brokers can do to help them better protect their businesses.