The future of mobility: Changes in vehicle technology

The next 10 to 20 years will be pivotal in defining our relationship with motor vehicles as advances in technology take us ever closer to the future of transport: the autonomous vehicle.

These technological advances will have far reaching effects not only on how we travel but also on the environment, public health, road safety, and the economy. These of course all translate to implications, challenges and opportunities for the insurance industry to prepare and respond to.

In partnership with DAC Beachcroft, this white paper assesses how mobility is likely to evolve over the next couple of decades and what the subsequent improvements to vehicle safety are likely to mean for the insurance industry.

This Future of mobility whitepaper provides:
• Changes in vehicle technology including green cars, telematics, advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles.
• An overview of car safety measures through the years.
• An understanding the legal and insurance risks of tomorrow.

Target audience:
• Commercial motor brokers.
• Fleet managers.