A broker's guide to how evolving working trends are impacting computer-related risks

Hybrid working is now the new norm for millions of employees and has been met with widespread enthusiasm due to it providing numerous financial and wellbeing benefits. Employees have the flexibility to choose their work environment based on their personal and professional needs, reducing the stress and financial worries associated with commuting. Meanwhile, businesses have also been able to downsize traditional office premises and save considerable costs on rent by embracing a more agile workforce.

What is clear is that the era of the five days-a-week, nine-to-five office schedule is over. There is no longer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution which will dictate a ‘standard’ way of working due to the diverse preferences of employers implementing hybrid working policies.

HSB commissioned a survey of employed or self-employed workers to understand the opportunities and challenges arising from modern day working practices in relation to computer insurance.

Designed for insurance brokers, this report sheds light on evolving hybrid working practices and the implications for computer-related risks.

Topics covered include:
• Evolving work trends.
• Risks and benefits for employees and organisations.
• Implications for UK businesses and the insurance sector.
• The impact on commuting patterns and technology usage.
• The potential business continuity risks.
• Risky business – accidental damage and theft.
• The real cost of computer equipment to a business’s bottom line
• Misconceptions about computer insurance cover.