Noise induced hearing loss claims: Tackling the compensation culture

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In recent years there has been progress in tackling the UK’s compensation culture. Improvements have been made to help crack down on frivolous and exaggerated personal injury claims, especially for whiplash, and unnecessary costs, which impact on premium paying consumers, have been removed from parts of the claims process.

The job is far from complete though. Most of the attention to date has been focused on tackling the compensation culture resulting from road traffic accident claims (RTAs). As claimant lawyers have turned their attention to more profitable types of claim, compensators, including public sector bodies, have been experiencing a significant increase in the number of claims for Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) which have remained largely unaffected by the recent reforms.

NIHL claims come at a cost not just to insurers but businesses and the taxpayer. Those claims that do succeed attract legal costs that are totally disproportionate to the level of damages paid to the claimant and to the work by the claimant lawyer.

This whitepaper focuses on why further action is required to tackle the compensation culture, in order to stem the increase in the number of NIHL claims and tackle disproportionate legal costs.