How will technology revolutionise claims management by 2020?

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The insurance claims process in the London market has seen relatively little change since the 17th century with Edward Lloyd's original coffee house. There is still a marked tradition afforded to the claims file upon which comments are still made, and for the most part the majority of payments of claims move through central settlements. The electronic claims file has opened the path to electronic communication, but it has always been a hostage of tradition, current practice, embedded process management and backward compatibility of IT infrastructure.

The market place is constantly striving to evolve the process and in recent years there have been a lot of initiatives that will have contributed towards modernisation, through market reform groups and the increasing needs of an ever changing regulatory framework.

So let's turn the clock forward...

By 2020, what are biggest drivers behind change? How will these drivers have influenced the process? What part does technology have to play?

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