Global claims review: The top causes of corporate insurance losses

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Businesses have to navigate an increasingly complex risk landscape. As well as combatting the threat posed by a host of natural and man-made hazards, companies also have to deal with the demands of a less forgiving regulatory and legal environment and emerging risks posed by our growing reliance on technology. All of these factors can combine to impair successful running of operations and insurers have a vital role to play in ensuring any disruption following a loss event is minimised.

This report examines global developments in corporate insurance claims, highlighting the top causes of loss, and other trends. It also examines a number of industry-specific trends that will impact the claims landscape in future.

Topics covered include:
• Drivers of the loss landscape.
• Top causes of corporate insurance losses.
• Regional and selected country loss information.
• Breakdown of claims by business sector.
• Distribution of loss payments.
• Claims trends by business line.