Webinar: Personalisation or irrelevance - Why insurance companies need to match their customer’s raised expectations in the digital age

Within insurance, the rise of online insurers and more recently the price comparison sites have given customers more to think about in terms of shopping around, with price more often than not the key determining factor as to the cover/provider someone chooses.

But another significant shift could soon be upon us, as customers become more demanding and expectations are raised by businesses born out of the digital revolution.

These firms are not driven by offering something cheaper - although many are very competitive due to lack of legacy and tired infrastructure - but by making their customers feel important and prized, not just numbers feeding their bottom line.

Produced by Post in association with Salesforce, this webinar discusses whether personalisation is possible and indeed desirable in insurance, and how it might be adopted.

Topics covered:
• How insurance companies can move away from a relationship built on contact once [renewal] or twice [claim or adjustment] a year; to one where interactions are both more frequent and desired, and not seen as too pushy.
• Whether different demographic groups, such as millennials, are driving this change, or if it is a broader movement?
• How can incumbent insurance companies best match the greater expectations of digitally savvy-customers? Through InsurTech investment; partnerships or acquisitions?
• How omni-channel might work in the insurance space, and whether bricks and mortar has a role to play in any such strategy?