Five strategic benefits of hybrid cloud infrastructure for insurance

While the insurance industry began its journey to the cloud cautiously, today nearly every insurer uses the cloud in some way, though few are using cloud technology to its full potential. To deliver on the benefits of hybrid cloud solutions, insurers seek to balance immediate business requirements with longer term, and often unknown, future needs. This ability to strategically build for change is grounded in a consistent enterprise infrastructure, as it allows the entire organisation to adapt, scale, and interoperate to meet changing demands.

Hybrid cloud infrastructure is the combination of one or more public and private clouds using tools and technology to enable workload portability, integration, orchestration, and unified management. Hybrid cloud infrastructure allows insurers to deploy unified business applications by coordinating tasks running in different environments. The continuous flexibility, scale, and interoperability helps you use the technologies and partners that best meet your needs.

This content focuses on how insurers can realise the true potential of cloud technology and five key benefits of hybrid cloud infrastructure.