Broker training survey report

As the UK slowly reopens following the impact of Covid-19, the focus of many brokers is now on business growth.

Based on the results of a Broker Training Survey conducted by Insurance Age in association with IDEX Consulting, this report sheds light on how staff training, alongside improved employee benefits and wellbeing, can lead to a happier workforce, greater staff retention and business growth.

Topics covered include:
• The broker market’s appetite for growth.
• Having the right expertise to recruit high-quality staff.
• The link between employee training and company performance.
• Changing the perception of training as a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’.
• Why training is important for all brokerages – regardless of company size.
• How training programmes can be improved within the broker market.
• Top priorities for a broker training programme.
• The importance of employee development and wellbeing.