Taking the pain out of claims

Most people interact with their insurers less than once a year. With so few customer interactions, it’s critical that insurers deliver these experiences well. Each one needs to be treated like a critical moment of truth, particularly in the claims process which, is often the one shot insurers have to prove themselves.

In today’s digital world customers want the convenience of digital and self-service experience, but they also want the personal touch of speaking with their insurer when they need to.

This whitepaper focuses on common customer frustrations with existing claims processes and how insurers can improve the customer claims journey by delivering a seamless, well-executed omni-channel experience.

Topics covered:
• Digital hiccups in the claims process.
• The trouble with touchpoints.
• The fallout from a bad experience.
• The anatomy of a positive experience.
• Leveraging the benefits of a conversational interface.
• Why a customer centric approach pays off.