How insurance companies can adapt to the new normal

Signs of dramatic change are being seen worldwide; in some cases, years of change are occurring in a matter of weeks. While the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt operating models across the insurance industry, new realisations are dawning in every sense:

• How do insurers digitally engage with customers?
• How do they digitise their processes?
• How do they remotely manage their workforce?

Prior pandemics and economic depressions have shown that companies that learn fast and demonstrate a willingness to disrupt their own business models will adapt to the changing environment and come out stronger. The current scenario is no different.

This content focuses on what the ‘new normal’ will look like for insurance companies and why adapting to the ‘new normal’ is the only option to succeed.

Topics covered include:
• Can insurance companies go back to the status quo after Covid-19?
• Focus areas for success in the ‘new normal’.
• Building a roadmap for the ‘new normal’.