Creating a network for the digital insurer: How insurers can achieve agility, efficiency and control within the network

The disruption brought about by digital technology is fundamentally changing the dynamics of the global insurance industry. Consumers expect anytime, anywhere access with a customer experience on par with the best online retail brands. This is putting tremendous pressure on many insurers' core networks, with escalating demands for performance and agility, while cost control and compliance imperatives remain as dominant as ever. The pace of digital disruption is now set to accelerate further as technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and insurtech start-ups threaten to fundamentally reshape today's mainstream insurance propositions.

This paper looks at strategies for insurance CIOs and CTOs, exploring how the network needs to evolve to drive operational effectiveness, enable business change and support the needs of the digital insurer.

Topics covered:
• Why the digital insurer needs a technology backbone that offers agility and efficiency.
• Top challenges facing insurers.
• How insurers can adopt a software-defined approach to networks.
• Evolving network requirements for the digital insurer.