Broker Week: How can brokers respond to clients' digital demands?

The digital revolution has changed customer expectations, driving them to demand more instant service. Many forward-thinking brokers, such as Arnold Clark Insurance Services, have explored how they can utilise technology to better serve their customers and attract even younger, digitally savvy prospects.

In this article, Eileen McFadden, general manager of Arnold Clark, an independently owned family-run car dealer in Europe which also supplies personal and commercial insurance for their clients, explains how the business succeeded with its digital transformation.

Topics covered:
• The main challenges that made Arnold Clark look for technology to integrate with its broker management system.
• Selecting software that delivers on customers’ demand for anytime, anywhere access to information.
• Implementing Applied CSR24 and rolling out to customers.
• How Applied CSR24 has impacted Arnold Clark’s staff.
• The benefits of using the self-service portal.
• Arnold Clark’s future plans for Applied CSR24.