Claiming loyalty: An insight into consumer attitudes towards insurance in the UK

Insurance – it’s vital to protect life’s most important moments, like home ownership and your first car or the things we love, like our pets. But do customers feel valued by insurance providers or brokers – and does the market standard of constantly switching supplier still work?

Love2shop conducted a UK-wide survey of insurance consumers to find out what they think about insurance and what motivates them. The research found that customers are willing to stay with a provider and show brand loyalty, if they feel they are more than just a number. But around 33 million people feel undervalued by their insurance providers.

This content sheds light on consumer attitudes towards insurance in the UK.

Topics covered include:
• 2024 – the year of loyalty.
• A nation of reluctant insurers.
• Consumer trust.
• The power of rewards for responsible behaviour.
• A question of commitment.
• Making a connection.
• Incentives for new customers.