The pandemic exploit: Cyber criminals ramping up phishing attacks amid Covid-19 crisis

Unfortunately, when a major event draws the attention and energies of the entire world, it is prime time for cyber criminals to wreak havoc. Almost as quickly as the virus grew in the US, hackers were taking advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic, launching phishing attacks, trying to capitalise on the increased demand for information and guidance.

With more employees working remotely, companies should expect more phishing attempts and more exposure to a potential system breach. Yet while phishing methods have not changed, the messages hackers are using to breach systems are echoing current events.

Produced by AXA XL, this article looks at how companies can effectively communicate the heightened threat and the need for extra vigilance to employees.

Topics covered:
• Phishing attempts to watch out for.
• Preventing a breach.
• Business continuity planning.
• Employee education.
• Keeping software up-to-date.