Future focus 2030: The future of climate change

As a new decade dawns, tackling climate change has regained that sense of urgency it had at the beginning of the last decade before the world was convulsed by the constant resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic. With global temperatures still rising at the top end of scientists' worst predictions, every business sector is expected to contribute to tackling climate change and mitigating its consequences.

Now, the world is facing the prospect of a step-change in the targets being set by supra-national bodies, governments and regulators. Greta Thunberg, the recently appointed head of the United Nations Climate Emergency Task Force, has galvanised the world once again and found the insurance industry a willing partner in driving through real change.

As part of a monthly series, where Post and Verisk look into how the insurance industry is set to evolve by 2030, David Worsfold looks at climate change and why tackling it might once again be top of the agenda for most insurers.