Sprinklers - the potential life and property saver

Between June 2016 and June 2017, the Fire and Rescue Services (FRS) attended 175,673 fires in England which resulted in 346 fatalities. There has been a general decrease in fire incidents over the last 30 years, attributed in part to an increased focus on education about fire safety. However, fires remain devastating events, and in the same period, the cost per fire has substantially grown. The recent tragic case of Grenfell Tower also provides a sobering reminder to ensure the right fire safety precautions and protections are in place.

While smoking is the main cause for fires in residential properties, other sources include unwatched cooking equipment and phones and tablets left charging unattended. In commercial buildings, causes may be deliberate, such as arson; or accidentally instigated by defective equipment, electrical faults or overloaded circuits. Whilst many fires are preventable, sprinkler systems provide important and often critical protection when things go wrong.

This article sheds light on:
• The benefits of sprinklers.
• Current legislation.
• Examples of where lives have been saved.
• Sprinkler myths.
• Sprinklers and insurance.