Insurance industry collaboration 2020: A look ahead

What will be the best way for insurers to collaborate in the year 2020? The answer is critically important to each company’s ongoing competitive success. The industry has always been a panoply of interactions. There are employees and producers to onboard, products to develop, underwriting practices to update, claims to manage, and as importantly, service to provide to customers and producers in a manner that reflects the always-heightening expectations of the marketplace.

Obviously, stillness is not an attribute anyone would use to characterise the daily behaviour of an insurance company. However, each of the communication and collaboration sessions – whether initiated by customers or prospects, or insurance employees, agents, or producers – needs to be managed in a way that benefits everyone involved, including the insurance company itself.

In this future-oriented report set in 2020, we discuss how an insurance company, NSEW, uses a Five Pillar Framework to manage every collaboration session.