Managing operational risks during Covid-19: A focus on property and premises risks

When Covid-19 exploded, businesses had no time to plan and protect. Instead, organisations had little choice but to react. Some businesses were shuttered, employees sent home, and if companies were fortunate, they were able to implement remote operations.

In some cases, companies were able to adapt and shift to new product lines. Increased demand meant an increase in production and staffing. Yet no matter what the impact of the pandemic on operations, increased risks emerge.

Whether operations have halted, increased or been amended to include new products, organisations face new or increased property or premises risks.

In order to get businesses up and running as quickly as possible once the pressures from the pandemic ease, this article sheds light on five key risk areas businesses should focus on:

• Human element.
• Security and protection.
• Maintenance.
• Equipment.
• Facilities status.