Keeping business policyholder data secure builds loyalty and brand awareness

Data breaches are now widespread in the United Kingdom, impacting businesses of all sizes and across every industry. More than two-thirds of large businesses reported cyber attacks in the past year, according to a recent government survey. And more than half of small and medium-size enterprises experienced security breaches.

The upward trend illustrates a dramatic shift in the UK’s data breach landscape with significant implications for your business policyholders and their employees and customers. Businesses face steep costs, regulatory fines and litigation, reputational loss and even closure.

In a data-driven world, how can organisations best protect themselves and their valuable employee and customer data in the event of a breach?

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Topics covered:
• The most common causes of data breaches in the UK.
• A new understanding of breach costs.
• Essential protection tips to share with business policyholders.
• How to increase brand loyalty, retain and attract policyholders, and enhance revenue.