A brave new world: Vehicle biometrics

Vehicle biometrics is a way of blending biology and technology. It can be geared towards a person (in the case of vehicle biometrics, the driver) for better security, a more comfortable ride and one day possibly, helping save lives.

For the uninitiated, some common examples of biometrics are fingerprint scanners on your smart phone and face scanners at airports to confirm identities. The technology uses a person's unique features to provide better security (in these examples), or a more personalised experience going forward. A recent study predicts that a third of new cars in 2025 will use biometrics.

As the adoption of biometrics becomes easier for consumers to swallow in their phones, attitudes to car biometrics have softened too - car giants have started taking notice.

Download this report for insights into the development of vehicle biometrics and the implications for insurers and customers.

Topics covered:
• The journey so far.
• Where the technology is now.
• The risks.
• The future of vehicle biometrics.