Transforming commercial property insurance

There is a game-changing transformation underway in commercial property insurance. Leading insurers are innovating with Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to add new value for business tenants and building landlords. Insurers able to harness this innovative technology could dramatically reduce the risk of business interruption from property damage, enable lower premiums, and share new insights to operate more efficiently. In addition, they will open the door to highly collaborative partnerships with the companies they insure.

Commercial property insurers are facing an unprecedented opportunity to redraw relationships with their clients. Technology advances such as IoT and cloud are creating an explosion of data which can be used to deliver more value to the tenants and landlords they serve, enabling closer partnerships and fresh sources of revenue.

Those insurers that fail to act will increasingly be left behind, as their client interactions remain infrequent and cyclical, and the value their products provide to clients is diminished versus the new wave of smart insurance.

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