Discovering dishonesty: Keys to detecting dishonest behaviour and driving change

We are all focused on the customer journey and making experiences that matter. Insurance carriers need to stand out to remain sustainable, thus providing a supreme customer experience is becoming an increasingly important differentiator. From online quoting and policy acceptance to real-time claim payments, every single touchpoint needs to be modernised and accelerated.

But have you ever stopped to understand the people who are getting in your way? Speeding up processes invites ill-intentioned customers to take advantage of your system, in turn hurting both your bottom line and your honest customers.

The more we know about our customers, the more we can anticipate their needs and actions. While our goal is to focus on honest customers and their journey, we first must identify gaps in the process and how to seal them.

This content focuses on how to identify and appropriately deal with your dishonest customers.

Topics covered include:
• Three elements needed to commit fraud.
• Types of insurance fraud.
• Why we are all fraudsters.
• How small changes can stimulate honest behaviour.